Window Rock Church Project  


The Window Rock Church has been unusually blessed to own its own property on the reservation.  Thanks to donors in the past, this property is paid for free and clear!  While the location is ideal because it is on a major highway and located beside prominent businesses, it was discovered too late that the site was not suitable for a major building project due to extensive and costly site preparations.  That’s when the next miracle happened.  The property immediately to the left was offered to the church in exchange for its current site.  The new site had already been identified by builders as ideal for building even before being offered to the church.


We have truly see God’s providential hand at work.  The exchange is now being made.


Immediate project needs are:

Stipend for a taskforce worker


Health & Evangelistic seminars



Amount given:



Amount still needed:




Church development of a multi-purpose community center:

            Amount still needed:                   $1,000,000.00