Maricopa Village Christian School


The school is located in District 7 of the Gila River Indian Community, an Indian reservation immediately adjoining the southern edge of Phoenix.  Interestingly, many persons still living in the vicinity went to this school as children.  After being closed for about fifteen years, it was providentially reopened four years ago, fulfilling a dream these Native American church members could scarcely believe.  The school has continued to have significant success in the areas of academics and spiritual outreach.  All students meet or exceed their grade level requirements and through the influence of their teacher, and guided by the Holy Spirit, most students have joined the Seventh-day Adventist Church.


We praise God that in the short time this school has been in operation, our donors continue to make it possible for its credentialed teacher to receive a full time salary with educational, medical and retirement benefits.  The school itself continues to operate on a very modest budget of about $1,000.00 a month.


Immediate project needs are:

Teacher’s salary & benefits


Yearly school operating expenses:



Amount given:



Amount still needed: