Chinle Church Project


While this church has been established for many years, in 2005 it experienced its most phenomenal growth as it saw thirty-five new members added to its membership!  Our Arizona Conference president, Elder Duane McKey, chose this Native American church to receive an evangelistic budget of $25,000.00, which made it possible to bring in Evangelist Steve DeLong, who had previously had success in working with Native Americans in New Mexico.


Once again God blessed and thirty-five precious souls accepted the message and joined the church.  Because only 2-5% of the people in this area claim to know Jesus as their Savior, we have set as a goal to raise the same evangelistic budget this year to continue and strengthen God’s work in this area.


Immediate project needs are:

Complete construction of fellowship hall


Health seminars and evangelistic



Amount given:



Amount still needed: